Building and Timber Supplies

At The Bunker we sell Plywood, Steel and Building Supplies. We specialise in plywood so if you have a question or are looking for a particular type of plywood we are the people to ask.

Plywood and Sheeting supplies, Steel SHS, RHS, angle, MDF, V joint board , Melamine, and Pine Framing Timber are just a few of the things we have in stock.

From our warehouses in Beerwah and Noosa we can deliver from Brisbane in the south, across the whole of the Sunshine Coast, to Maryborough in the north.

Our prices are super competitive. All prices are trade and we sell wholesale and direct to the public, we carry a wide variety of stock from our 2 Sunshine Coast locations so you can get what you need when you need it.

If you have any questions about any product on our site or a product you are looking for, please call us directly or contact us.

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Plywood pile in the bunker


The Bunker stores carry a range of steel products, RHS, SHS, angle, flat bar, pipe, round bar, checker plate and much more. Each store also has access to a large range of steel products on an order in basis like PFC and structural beams, this also includes non standard size products the are available though are not stocked on site.

The Bunker buys high quality Australian steel, all structural products are produced to meet Australian standards.

The Bunker sell either by the meter or full length products, we are also able to cut any product down to help make transport easier.

Each store carries a slightly different range so please contact your closest store for product availability and prices.



The Bunker stores carry a large range of sheeting products. Plywood is our specialty with an extensive range of Marine ply, structural, decorative ply and many more products for any of your plywood projects.

Also stocked in store is a full range of MDF (medium density fiberboard),  cement sheet, Melamine Shelving, sheet flooring products including particle board and plywood flooring options.

We at the Bunker pride ourselves on our extensive range of sheeting products, and if you are looking for something specific that is not in store we will always do our best to source it and order in store for you.

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FRAMING & Structural Timber

The Bunker stores carry a range of Pine timber framing timber in both treated and un-treated. We can also supply LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) used for structural beams under floor’s and in roof trusses, these LVL products are sold on an order in basis and any size or length can be organized to be in store on your request.

Hardwood framing timber and other structural timber products like muscle beams and glue lam beams can also be ordered into store. If your project requires structural timber we can help you find the right product for the job.

Questions? our friendly staff can help
We are committed to providing the best customer service available. This commitment includes having our helpful staff ready to answer your questions and provide assistance with your project requirements. So simply call us or send us a message.