Proudly owned by, The Upton Group Australia, our Bunker and Uptons stores are family owned and operated business; supplying building materials to builders, handymen and the home renovator. 

Dating back to 1982 the first Uptons store was opened in Hobart, followed by the first Bunker store located in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast. With stores opened across the Australian Eastern Seaboard, the Uptons Trading Group is supplying quality building and landscaping materials, to builders, handymen and the home renovator, for all projects big or small.    


With almost 4 decades of knowledge and industry experience, the Uptons group continues to grow and expand their business with now entering the market of supplying doors and windows through their Shield Doors and Windows stores.   

We are your one-stop-shop for all of your building needs 

Backed with generations of knowledge, experience and expertise, this history is passed down through generations of staff that we employ, kind of like a family recipe. As a family, we are always learning and educating. We pride ourselves on giving the right product advice and supplying materials at the right price. 

Without you, there is no The Upton Group Australia. To our new and returning customers, you are our number one focus, we strive to provide the right advice and affordable products.